The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1971 (section 4a) states that all hospitals established or maintained by the government are recognised to provide MTP services. … Government medical officials have to maintain MTP-related data in a prescribed format.Full form of MTP is Medical Termination of Pregnancy. Abortion is legal in India and is governed by the MTP Act 1971. … Medical Termination of Pregnancy (often called as MTP) is the induced termination of pregnancy (abortion) by a medical professional.The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTPAct1971 provides the legal framework for making CAC services available in India. … When pregnancy is caused due to failure of contraceptives used by a married woman or her husband (presumed to constitute grave injury to mental health of the woman).When is MTP Kit prescribed? It is used to terminate the pregnancy. Doctors prescribe this medicine to women who have been pregnant for 50 days or 7 weeks and want an abortion. The drug is also prescribed to manage blood sugar levels in patients suffering from Cushing’s syndrome.As per the MTP Act, abortions can only be carried out till 20 weeks of conception. This rule, when it was incorporated, was put in place in order to prevent the gender prediction testing and hence, sex-selective abortions, which then could only be done post the 20-week mark.